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The fourth Italian food security dialogue held in-depth technical exchanges in Beijing – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, October 25 (reporter Dong Zichang) "in Italy and China together for food safety work" as the theme of the fourth session Chinese – Italy food security dialogue held in Beijing 25. The two sides of experts and government departments to carry out in-depth exchange of technical experts on food safety supervision system, Chinese and Italy new progress, the food safety risk warning case of mad cow disease, veterinary inspection and other topics. The State Food and Drug Administration food supervision three Secretary Wang Hong said in his speech in Italy in recent years, China and high-level exchanges, trade and investment cooperation, science and Technology Expo, cultural and other fields have made important achievements, the food and medicine field is one of the five key areas of cooperation between China and italy. In recent years, the government Chinese and food safety regulatory agencies the most stringent standards, the most stringent regulation, the most severe punishment, the most serious accountability "principle, strengthen the supervision of the food security situation is generally stable for the better. To establish a unified and authoritative food safety regulatory system, improve food safety regulatory laws and regulations, and is committed to the whole process of food safety risk management and prevention. Wang Hong pointed out that the food trade is an important part of bilateral trade, food safety regulatory agencies require international cooperation between the two countries, also need to carry out international cooperation in the field of food technology and between enterprises of the two countries. There are problems such as the level of production technology, laws and regulations, inspection and quarantine system, food culture differences and other issues, the need for further communication and coordination. Italy ambassador Xie Guoyi said that food dialogue has been carried out to the fourth session, the meeting has achieved fruitful results, both sides of the field of food safety experts meeting conducted in-depth exchanges through. Italian food security dialogue has become the important work of the year. "Food has become the common language of human communication, people should not only pay attention to the quantity of food, but also pay attention to its quality and nutrition." Xie Guoyi said that in any part of the world, can find Italian food and Chinese food, our two countries have always been concerned about the quality of food. Food safety is not just a series of safety regulations, but also the official agencies and consumers to dialogue channels. Next, Italy and China should also carry out more extensive exchanges in food safety research and regulations, technical systems. It is understood that in recent years, China and Italy to carry out a series of close cooperation. In 2013, the two sides signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the field of food, medicine and medical devices and cosmetics; in April 2015, the two sides signed a three year plan for cooperation in 2016-2018, food safety is an important part of. (end)相关的主题文章: