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Government should do this and that people do not understand the market Chinese Economic Forum 50 Zhang Weiying if entrepreneurs not to be able to restore his status in economic theory, or that we economists not able to really understand how the operation of the market, why is it so important to entrepreneurs, that we do not understand the market economy, we will get a lot of the wrong conclusion would be misleading, the power of the government constantly expanding, controlling all aspects of our lives. The people who advocate the government to do this are not understand the market, Huang is an entrepreneur, but also a poet, I am very clear. Today, he felt more like a scholar. There are a lot of names of entrepreneurs who have studied the issue of entrepreneurs. From the dragon, Zaire, Kang for bear Pete, these people are very important contributions to our today’s entrepreneurs. I have studied entrepreneurs for more than 30 years, my first article on entrepreneurs published in September 1984, "reading" magazine, has now been 32 years. But I really can’t give a definition of entrepreneurship. May also be an essence of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is a person who is an entrepreneur, because he is our common people can not think of. With this I would like to discuss a little, with the anger wave exchange. Just think of the words, I said some of the entrepreneurial spirit. He said that entrepreneurs do, he can see other people can not see the opportunity to think of other people did not think of a way to do what others do not dare to do. To solve the problem that others have not solved. With such a spirit of the people, then we can be called entrepreneurs, just talked about innovation adventure, in fact, can be understood from this point of view. You have to do what others don’t dare to do, which means your failure rate is very large. Most of us say we should be too observant of conventional standards.. We established the policy of safe run, does not love his love here, he too observant of conventional standards., out of the ordinary love. This spirit is mainly manifested in the business today, we generally say that entrepreneurs are business entrepreneurs. We’re looking at political entrepreneurs, Deng Xiaoping. Institutional entrepreneur. Even if we really need to do a university is also the spirit of entrepreneurship, the principal when he went up to the principal, he came down when the school is still the case, the principal is no entrepreneurial spirit. Cai Yuanpei, he has entrepreneurial spirit. I would like to say that, in fact, each of us has a little entrepreneurial spirit, because we will always face some problems we have not expected, we have to solve. I just observed that we put a computer on the stage, and finally we have a problem, we did not expect, and now we put the computer in this place, which is also an entrepreneurial spirit. Does not affect the speaker to explain the situation, we can still make a word on the screen to take this way. It looks small, but we think it is an entrepreneurial spirit, not in accordance with the rules, not in accordance with the procedures to deal with the problem. Of course I like to say something about it相关的主题文章: