The Indonesian navy purchased 730 China B recent anti gun frigates – Sohu to equip its military chan naughty怎么读

The Indonesian navy purchased China 730B near its anti gun frigates – Sohu military channel map information: the northern industry for the export of 7 730B 30 mm gun tube. According to the Jane’s Defence Weekly website reported on August 24th, the Indonesian navy headquarters sources in Jakarta confirmed to the Jane’s Defence Weekly, Indonesia and China just North Industries Corporation (Norinco) signed a contract to purchase a the group production of type 730 CIWS (close-in weapon system, CIWS). The system will be installed in the Indonesian navy from the Capitan? Mora class light missile frigate (the former Democratic Germany Navy Pacim I missile frigate) 386 USS Sellars? Papar, used to replace the double AK-230 originally located in the bow of the 30 mm gun. If successfully installed, Sellars. Papar will become known second ships Chinese CIWS the Capitan? Patti class light missile frigate moora. Her sister ship, 376 ship Taha Saifuddin? Sultan (Sultan Thaha Syaifuddin), once in August 2015 successfully carried out by firing test for radar guided sea and air targets. 730B type 7 tube 30 mm gun is a radar guided 7 tube Gatlin gun CIWS, the system can be an effective defense against incoming precision guided weapons and aircraft. The PLA Navy’s improved model of the near anti gun on multiple ships, such as the 051C missile destroyer and the 052B missile destroyer. At the same time, 730B type near anti gun was installed in the Indonesian navy KCR-60M class missile boat. The Indonesian navy state-owned shipyard PT PAL will assist in the northern industrial group in Surabaya will close in system installed in the new Sellars, Papar no..相关的主题文章: