The Japanese coast guard ship on Chinese cruise fishing island to protest the regular course of offi aizi

The Japanese coast guard ship on Chinese cruise fishing island in protest against the original title: Japan’s regular course of official duties at Chinese maritime police boat cruise fishing island to engage in regular course of official duties [global network reported on November 7th to protest the military Chinese] the State Oceanic Administration website announced that at 6, 2401, 2101, 2502 China police, 35115 ships in the territorial waters of the Diaoyu Islands cruise. A number of Japanese media reported the same day the news, saying that this is China’s official boat into the area thirty-first days this year. Japan’s Kyodo news agency said 6, in the morning, the Japan Coast Guard patrol boat China police found 4 ships near the Diaoyu Islands have been into the Japanese territorial waters, 4 ships sailing in about 1 hours and 50 minutes after leaving in the contiguous zone. Reported that Chinese coast guard ships in the area in October 18th is the last time. Japan NHK website said, the Japanese Foreign Ministry submitted a protest to the Ministry of foreign affairs through the Embassy Chinese. The Japanese government will be upgraded to the official residence of the prime minister’s official information room for the purpose of the game room to carry out relevant information collection and analysis. "Japan Times" website, Chinese maritime police ship regularly to the waters near the Diaoyu Islands cruise, Japan to protest Japan regular course of official duties, this year to Chinese proposed 32 protests. Russian satellite news network, said the Sino Japanese dispute over the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands for many years. China says the Diaoyu Islands are China’s territory since ancient times. 2012, the Japanese government announced the purchase of the Diaoyu Islands, causing the deterioration of Sino Japanese relations. The editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: