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The Ministry of foreign affairs of Japan in the South China Sea given unusual restlessness self isolation East Asia Summit has ended, the Japanese media is still speculation in the South China Sea issue. Japan’s Jiji news agency reported on 9, the statement by the president of the East Asia Summit published is not mentioned in the South China Sea arbitration, but added that the South China Sea "non military" content. The media speculation that this content is to "contain Chinese". In fact, the United States continues to strengthen its military deployment in the South China Sea and the surrounding areas, and sent warships into the South China Sea, China repeatedly made clear that the South China Sea military opposition. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying, 9, said at a regular press conference, at the East Asia Summit, only the South China Sea mentioned in the case of the two countries. In the case of China and ASEAN countries in the implementation of the "Declaration" and "guidelines" to make positive progress in the negotiations, the practice of foreign countries is very outdated. A reporter pointed out that the two foreign countries, one of which is japan. In addition to mention arbitration, according to Japanese media reports, the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo 8, also said the Japanese side of the East Asia Summit, in recent months have continued to appear in the East and South China Sea in an attempt to unilaterally change the status quo of concern, hope the Chinese to perform non military commitments related to the South China sea. Hua Chunying said, we note that since the recent period of time, the Japanese side in the South China Sea showed unusual restlessness, can be said that regardless of the occasion, spare no effort, sometimes even use unscrupulous divisive tactics to speculation, rumor. However, people’s eyes are sharp. A simple example: in yesterday’s East Asia Summit, 18 countries have focused on cooperation between the 16 countries, advocated the maintenance of regional peace and security, and maintain economic prosperity. Only Japan and another country referred to the so-called South China Sea arbitration case. The Japanese approach is clearly show no understanding of self isolation, be inopportune or inappropriate. We hope that Japan and Japan will work together to achieve a constructive role in promoting regional peace and stability. (Yu Wen)相关的主题文章: