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Automobiles To sell a used car it doesnt take a marketing graduate. One of the contributing factors is as simple as behaving .passionately towards your buyer. If your buyer has been in the market for a used car for a while, it is not your cue to do the hard sell on them. Being .passionate towards your buyer (in this instance) is showing some understanding regarding their needs and educating them about the vehicle if they are not savvy about cars. For instance, if your buyer is a young lady and you are a mechanic then it is advisable that you dont talk jargon. Do you really think that they know the difference between a two and a five litre engine? Use language they understand. To sell a used car to someone who may not know the first thing about cars can be a blessing and a curse wrapped up in a tight bundle. We will focus on our example of the mechanic selling a vehicle to a young lady. The mechanic starts spouting off various things about the car in order to confuse the buyer into purchasing the car. There may be a one percent chance of this working. The rest of the time the buyer will just form a disliking for you and walk away. Now if you replace the jargon with accessible language that any layman understands you are going to be educating the buyer whilst showing some understanding that they may not be the most savvy of rev heads. Telling your buyer the difference between a 2 and 5 litre engine by letting them know how fuel consumption differs versus how much power the engine has will help the buyer make an informed choice when you attempt to sell a used car. There is also the flip side of this coin when you attempt to sell a used car. Maybe youre the one who does not know a great deal about cars and a mechanic approaches you with questions you cant answer. In this case you may want to have a friend or family member around to help you answer these questions. This way you wont have to refer to a manual or the web browser in your phone to answer some of the tougher questions you are asked. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: