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The premier -4750 1-1 million new aid gifts Manchester City 3 round it still leads (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing time at 20:30 on October 23rd (13:30 BST), the 201617 Premier League season ninth round of a focus of the war to compete at the Etihad stadium, Manchester City 1 1 draw with Southampton home court, Raymond grabbed 47 million 500 thousand pounds worth of stones. Failure was the first to break off the bench, Sheikh Nacho equalised. Guardiola in all competitions in 5 games (3 round league) still winless, Manchester City goal difference advantage lead. Manchester City nearly 3 Season 6 against Southampton last season only 1 Games held off, the remaining 5 games 4 wins 1 flat. Manchester City nearly 6 home court victory in Southampton. The two sides in the history of the Premier League clash 24 games, Manchester City, 12 wins and 6 draws to take the upper hand of the negative, including the home of 7 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses of 6. The two sides against the history of 84 games, Manchester City 29 wins and 24 draws and 31 losses a little underdogs. Aguero and Kompani to the starting lineup, down out of rotation. After the opening of the main city, Aguero left by Van Dyk Silva cut timely closure, lack of follow up into the threat. Southampton diamond midfield in the fight against the weak wind, Mancheng attack blocked, Stryn and miss Phil Nandy Neo pass. Kompani mistakes will be given to the phone, but on the right side of the box on the right side of the shot near the corner. De Blau Hei back in the back Aguero Van Dyk made a key interception. Southampton City conceded twenty-seventh minutes ahead, stones return errors, Raymond speed the ball into the empty net after the pole by Bravo. Thirty-second minutes, de Blau Hei right arbitrary ball, stones far tuishe close, but Aguero offside goal was disallowed. Mancheng attack is still lack of a direct threat, passing down gundogan, 25 yards shot. Before the end of the first half, Stryn shooting left curled the ball wide of the far corner area. Manchester City goals invalid Manchester City nearly 8 times in the Premier League at home after half failed to reverse (1 flat and 7 negative). Sheikh Nacho replaced de Blau Hei played the second half. Stryn restricted the right pass, but Sheikh Nacho and had missed the ball down. Fifty-fifth minutes from Manchester, Fernandez Godinho xiechuan, down left the restricted area pass, Sheikh Nacho small edge of the area before fengtech before the fire break, 1-1. The game against the fierce, carat Teng Berg 9 minutes even took out 4 yellow cards. The young savior Sheikh Nacho restricted the right pass, rob denied the bottom line before Silva fuente small box. Gundogan pass, Silva left the restricted area shot saved by Forster. Substitute Austen Bouffard, especially active, he shot after passing the box also saved by Bravo. Aguero corner melee attempted header. Navas replaced Kongpani appearance. Aguero strong restricted area on the left side of the small angle shot out of the sliding door. Manchester City last siege, but unable to change the score. Manchester City (3-5-1-1):1- Bravo; 24- stones (78′, 15-, 4- kompany Navas), Kolarov 11- (90′, 9-; 19- down gundogan Nolito), 8-, 25- and Phil Nandy Neo, 21)相关的主题文章: