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Real-Estate Emanuel Fialkow, a leader and a family man, applies his leadership skills within the household. A proud father of four, his devotion to friends and family is apparent upon first meeting. Encouraging and supporting in all of his childrens passions and endeavors, Emanuel, Manny to close friends, recently gathered at a live viewing of the Rachael Ray Show to ac.pany his daughter, Syndey Fiaklow. Anxiously awaiting the results, Emanuel Fialkow and his family were thrilled as Sydney received a $50,000 grant to makeover her schools cafeteria. Syndey cites her loving family and fathers dedication and support as she entered and won the national cooking contest. Syndey, a fourth grader submitted a Fialkow family recipe, Sydneys Chicken and Rice, to bring her the nationally acclaimed first place prize. It was through family and friend support, and a passion for cooking that Syndey won the coveted prize. During the voting period, Emanuel Fialkow and his family rallied behind Syndey as they urged family, friends, and neighbors to vote for their talented daughter in an online voting campaign. In recent years, the lessons taught in the household have been cited as invaluable to business practices. Powerful leadership skills from the family household are applied within business. It is through dedication as a family man that a true leader succeeds. A strong family leader proves to be successful as he understands how to .promise, negotiate, and carefully listen to each project as it unfolds. A strong business leader is grounded in the integration of such practices. In addition, a skilled businessman knows the power of leadership. Leadership skills can be used to organize employees, develop detailed projects, and implement innovative ideas for the future. Skillfully crafting each project, successful business leaders add each ingredient into their project recipe, .bining the necessary ideas and tools to create a top final project. A true leader understands the importance of .bining each ingredient rather than just adding one at a time. The true recipe for success lies in the .bination of ideas, problems, or ingredients which together result in a successful project, or in Syndeys national recognition, a delicous chicken and rice dish. An innovative leader within the real estate and insurance industry for the past three decades, Emanuel Fialkow , has most recently joined the Board of Directors of Lakota Travel Partners, LLC. Currently serving as the Chairman of TMB Holdings and Auto Town Insurance, Fialkows expertise and experience will be applied in his most recent ac.plishment. In addition, his success spans to the successful ventures of 215 Peachtree Associates, LLC, Phoenix Business Park, LLC, and Emerson Center, LLC. His careful dedication to each of his clients and projects ensures long lasting relationships for the present and future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: