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The taxi driver robbed? Originally is an own one! Anhui river channel — according to news reports, the morning of October 13th ten, Ms. long people suddenly found in front of the taxi LED screen appears a distress signal, then the dragon lady call 110. However, yesterday afternoon after a reporter to verify that this is a Oolong event, but the performance of the dragon or let the taxi driver Ding teacher deeply moved. What’s going on here? The dragon lady told reporters that she is driving to the south of the central street near the city of wealth, found the LED screen before the car a taxi rolled out I was robbed, please alarm for words, although unable to confirm the driver at the time, but the dragon lady is the first time to choose the alarm, and photographed using a mobile phone the taxi is sent to a circle of friends. "I think whether or not the driver is really in distress, we should call the police, especially at night." Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in accordance with the taxi license plate number Ms. long shot, found the car belonging to the taxi company yaxia. The other staff told reporters, have not received any information about the car or driver in distress the other said, sometimes the driver accidentally touched the wheel line or device, the vehicle will send a distress signal error. Subsequently, the company’s staff not only to contact the driver, the driver’s phone to the reporter. After the reporter dialed the phone, a teacher surnamed Ding is very aggrieved, said: I do not know what is going on, I did not encounter (line) ah! This has happened several times!" Ding a bit dumbfounding told reporters, on the morning of the LED screen broadcast I was robbed, please alarm "is not the first time, every time someone told him that he didn’t know. It seems that recently I have to find someone to help me see, this LED screen is not a fault." However, I heard some people call the police for this purpose, Ding master a little embarrassed to say: "you help me and she said ‘thank you’!" (reporter Li Tingwei Intern Han Mousheng) (commissioning editor Wu Xilu and Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章: