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The thousands of years of ancient city, a modern street fashion, with tourism in Jerusalem – Sohu carry loaded guns (English: Jerusalem, Hebrew:???????, Latin: Yerushalayim or Yerushalaim) is located near the Levant area of a city with a long history, is located in the mountains of Judah, between between the Mediterranean and Dead Sea, is known as the holy city of the three major religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) is Israel’s largest city. Located in Judea mountain, 790 meters above sea level. Is one of the centers of ancient religious activities. Judaism, Christianity and Islam, respectively, according to their own religious legends, the city as a holy land. City circle area of about 1 square kilometers, designated as the area of 4. The eastern part of the Muslim region, including the famous temple area, the temple area of the holy land of Mount mount mount rock (Islam, Judaism) and the top of the temple (Islam), Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Wailing Wall (Judaism). The northwest is the Christian District, the Christian Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Southwest is Armenia district. Southern Jewish parish. South West of Mount Zion is another important shrine of judaism. East Jabal at-Tur Christian and Jewish holy land. After the Second World War was administered by the United Nations, 1948-1949 years of Israeli occupation of Western Jerusalem and established a new city, Jordan occupied East old district. After the third Middle East war in 1967, Israel occupied the whole Jerusalem. In November 15, 1988, State of Palestine announced the capital here. Urban area of 109 square kilometers, most of the city in the west. The main industries are diamond polishing, furniture, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, footwear, pencils, textiles and clothing (CAPE), etc.. Tourism (including pilgrimage). In the resolutions of the United Nations, Jerusalem is divided into Palestine and Israel in the capital Tel Aviv so. The first Middle East War, Israel occupied her salem. The third Middle East War, Israel occupied East Jerusalem. Jerusalem Jerusalem 1948 international condominium City, government agencies at the beginning of the founding of Israel than in Tel Aviv. But since 1950 began Jerusalem became the capital of Israel, after the country’s presidential palace, most government agencies, the Supreme Court and Congress are located in the city. In 1980, the Israeli parliament decided that Jerusalem was the country’s "eternal and indivisible capital."". However, most countries and the United Nations do not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, that the final position of the city has not yet been determined, pending negotiations between Israel and the palestinians. Most countries have embassies in Tel Aviv. The Palestinian government also announced that Jerusalem would be the capital of State of Palestine in the future. In twenty-first Century, Jerusalem was still the center of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Since 1975, Jerusalem has become the largest city in Israel, more than Tel Aviv. In 2006, the Jerusalem area of 126 square kilometers, with a population of 724000 people, these indicators are ranked first in the cities of Israel and Palestine, the two. And whether it is.相关的主题文章: