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UnCategorized In 1902 President Theodore Roosevelt was in Mississippi to settle a dispute between Louisiana and Mississippi. While there President Roosevelt went on a hunting trip with some of his friends. It seemed that the President was having little success on this outing. Realizing that issue some of the members of the hunting party tied a small, black bear cub to a tree for him to shoot. President Roosevelt refused to shoot the bear. Obviously when you are President everything you do is fair game for the media. Word got around fast about this escapade and the next day cartoonist, Clifford Berryman, drew a cartoon depicting Roosevelt refusing to shoot the bear. A shop keeper (Morris Michtom) noticed the cartoon and was impressed. He asked his wife Rose to make a teddy bear to place in his shop window. Additionally he asked the President for permission to name the stuffed bear Teddy. The President agreed without hesitancy and the Teddy Bear was born. About the same time a German .pany owned by Margarete Steiff, was also beginning to manufacture a stuffed bear. Steiff teddy bears are very collectible to this day. The popularity of the teddy bear grew exponentially. Teddy bears are basic requirements for every small child and for the child in all of us. Toy manufacturers, teddy bear artists, and writers have discovered that teddy bears mean business for them. Few of us can resist the adorable creatures. Gund is one of the predominant brands of teddy bears. When it .es to quality it is in the same league as The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. If you are inclined to do a search you will find that there are several websites designed to cater to the desires of teddy bear lovers and enthusiasts. From books to art and home decorations you will find teddy bear creations available. As far as the teddy bears that we love to snuggle; they .e in every possible shape, size, color, fabric, and price range imaginable. From very inexpensive to extremely high-priced, there is a teddy bear for every budget! Teddy bears seem to have sweet dispositions and wonderful personalities. They can be unique and one-of-a-kind or created in volumes and still present themselves as if they were created just for you. You can buy your new friend online or you can go to a mall or the flea market, either way you will be adding a treasure to your life. I am sure you will smile as I do when you look at your teddy bear and children will love him. Teddy bears really do make an ideal gift for almost anyone! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: