The warehouse keeper for pregnant women were transferred Gang Porter company said the normal transfe

The warehouse keeper for pregnant women were transferred Gang Porter company said normal pregnant Ms. Qiu mobilize 4 months to do the physical work arranged by the company. 10 pm last night, Hubei Xiangzhou Wolong Road, Xiangyang Taisheng packaging production workshop. Ms. Qiu is pregnant for 4 months, picked up a cardboard, clean up, spread on the ground, and then picked up a cardboard, clean up the stack in the first pile of cardboard, to 20, the weight of about 20 kg of cardboard together, and then repeat the work of a bundle of 20, followed by on the stack to the heap, about two meters high, Ms. Qiu and busy to stack a. "Let me have a threatened abortion symptoms of women, to do such a heavy living, is illegal." Yesterday, Ms. Qiu to metropolis express complaints. In November 2012, Ms. Qiu became Tysan company of a warehouse, on the computer every day into the list of goods led the customer to receive goods, work is relatively easy. Can work after a change has taken place. In August 30th, 4 months pregnant (child) Ms. Qiu physical discomfort, diagnosed with symptoms of threatened abortion, the doctor advised the rest. In August 31st, she submitted to the company a leave of absence (indicating the reason for leave), approved, she took 10 days off. In September 9th, Ms. Qiu received notice of the company: to the production line of work, working hours daily early 7:30 to late 7:30, late 7:30, early 7:30 (two shifts, every half a month down time). After receiving the notice, Ms. Qiu repeatedly negotiated with the company to apply for the return of the original posts were rejected. 19 onwards, it is precisely the turn of Ms. Qiu on the night shift, so it appeared in the above scene. Due to work tired, these days, Ms. Qiu on the 4, after 5 hours, the company invited to leave. Ms. Qiu said, knowing that she was pregnant, can not do heavy physical activity, but also arrange such a post, is forcing her to resign. The company will not take any responsibility if you resign. In addition, the company has violated the law on the protection of women’s rights and interests and the labor law. Yesterday afternoon, the reporters came to interview Taisheng packaging company. Pregnant women can stay up late to do physical activity? Is not forced to resign Ms. In the face of doubt, the company’s office director Li said: "this is a normal mobilization, inconvenient and you say." At present, Xiangzhou District labor dispute arbitration committee has been involved in investigating the matter. Related links: 1. People’s Republic of China women’s rights protection law fourth chapter twenty-sixth provisions: all units shall, according to the characteristics of women, women in the work of protection and labor safety and health law, shall not be arranged to engage in work and labor are not suitable for women. Women in the menstrual period, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation by special protection. 2. People’s Republic of China seventh chapter of the provisions of article sixty-first: women workers are not allowed to engage in the work of the state during the period of the state of third physical labor intensity and labor taboo during pregnancy. For women who have been pregnant for more than seven months, they shall not be allowed to extend their working hours and night shifts. Source: metropolis express editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章: