This time for Messi! To withdraw 1 yellow cards to the court of arbitration – Sohu

This time for Messi! Up to the court of arbitration for sports Sohu   to withdraw 1 yellow cards; Barcelona Messi dyed yellow to appeal to the court of arbitration for sport in the last round of the Spanish League, Barcelona 2 to 1 to reverse Seville, Messi a one shot tribute. But in that game, Messi also had a yellow card. Messi was the right to step on the right foot shoes, and shoes were trampled directly. Messi refused to change the shoes off, but sitting on the lawn for shoes, the referee to delay time is booked to. Barcelona’s appeal has been dismissed, and the Red Army is now trying to appeal to Messi for the court of arbitration for sport. In the Spanish Football Association disciplinary committee, this yellow card is no problem. The referee has asked Messi two shoes to leave, but Messi sees nothing, that black judge to the yellow card warning. Barcelona believe that Messi is not intended to delay the time, everything from shoes broken. Barcelona can not accept the results of the disciplinary committee, and decided to fight the lawsuit to the Spanish court of arbitration for sports. To be honest, Messi this card to eat no problem. Messi could change a shoe to leave, but he was the referee in the two reminder of the case, still sitting on the grass, this is intentional time delay of the suspects, but Messi did not respect the authority of the referee. Barcelona will play a lawsuit to the court of arbitration, the possibility of winning is also negligible. Barcelona have done so, probably to show Messi the club’s attitude. In recent years, because the Messi act lawsuit Barcelona official did not be pestered beyond endurance, give him enough to help, this is the Messi family of Barcelona’s dissatisfaction. "Marca" on the basis of processing a "Notice of Messi Barcelona will not renew the contract ahead of schedule" message. Barcelona and Messi will start negotiations, Barcelona in the event of a yellow card so seriously, is clearly a signal to convey the Messi club. No matter what happens, Barcelona will do everything they can to defend Messi. The daily sports newspaper said on the front page today that Barcelona have made initial contact with Messi over the contract. Ba Tomei U, the president of the United States, has decided to negotiate a contract extension with himself, and he has called his father, Messi, on. The two sides are very calm state of mind, both sides are confident that the final agreement on the extension. (Ding Wu)相关的主题文章: