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This year, the public security organs from 61 countries and regions overseas captured 409 fugitives – Beijing, a great in strength and impetus of unprecedented anti-corruption action is continuing to carry out the international pursuit of stolen goods. The party’s eighteen since the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to anti-corruption work of international fugitives stolen goods, the public security organs actively into the central anti-corruption coordination group deployment Skynet action to carry out overseas for corrupt pursuit ZhuiZang "fox hunting action", with remarkable. It is understood that after the "fox hunting action" unprecedented victories, unprecedented, unprecedented efforts, foreign arresting work level and ability has been further improved, creating a new situation in overseas pursuit ZhuiZang work. In May 4th this year, the Ministry of public security held a national public security organs in 2016 overseas pursuit stolen goods "fox hunting action" plan, announced a new round of special action kicked off again. Data show that this year, as of mid August, the national public security organs from a total of 61 countries and regions successfully captured all kinds of foreign fugitives, 409. Among them, the arrest of 272, persuaded to return 137; arrest "hundreds of red" 15 fugitives, assist the discipline, prosecutors arrest 38 fugitives overseas duty crime, the crime of smuggling overseas customs arrest 14 fugitives; involving more than ten million yuan in 127, more than billion in 28; 5 years away the 33, 12 and 10 years. Special action, the Ministry of public security command of the national public security organs in-depth investigation, to take the initiative in support of relevant national law enforcement departments, to carry out centralized arrest action, has sent 33 working groups to work overseas, the successful arrest, persuaded to return a large number of foreign fugitives. In July 31, 2016, fox hunting action "working group will be suspected of embezzlement crime suspect pangmou, Wu from Kampuchea successfully captured and escorted home. The investigation, November 2015, the suspect pangmou in Bank of Ningbo Shenzhen branch of Limited by Share Ltd company bill business department during the use of his office, together with the suspect Wu units misappropriation of funds of nearly 20 million yuan. According to reports, June 29, 2016, July 10th, pangmou and Wu has fled to Kampuchea. July 16th, Zhejiang, Ningbo Public Security Bureau on suspicion of misappropriation of funds for its criminal detention. Two people fled after handling units quickly submitted to the Ministry of Public Security launched overseas arrest procedures. In July 20th, the Ministry of public security "fox hunting action" working group in Kampuchea to carry out the arrest. During the working group and our liaison officer in Kampuchea police and Kampuchea police closely together, after 5 days and nights of continuous fighting, and finally in July 26th will be successfully arrested wu. Subsequently, pangmou forced to surrender to the working group. In Pang and Wu have been escorted home shortly after the Zhejiang Ni also got the same sanctions. In July 24th, the Chinese Embassy in Ecuador to coordinate, the public security organ for the first time with the Ecuador international criminal law enforcement cooperation, the flight 12 red Tong Ni a returning arrest fugitive. The investigation, from April 2003 to December, three in Zhejiang Longyuan Garment Co. Ltd. of spring相关的主题文章: