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Tibet will improve the comprehensive transportation system in Yunnan Tibet Railway news agency of the new network in Lhasa in November 15, agenda – (reporter Zhao Yan) Tibet Autonomous Region Party committee secretary Wu Yingjie 15 in the Tibet autonomous region of the Ninth Congress of the report, the next five years will improve the Tibet highway, railway and air transportation system, the Sichuan Tibet Railway in Tibet section of road will be completed at the same time, to promote the port railway construction, carry out the Yunnan Tibet railway and Alipulan and other preparatory work of the regional airport. At present, the lag of infrastructure is still the main bottleneck restricting the economic and social development of Tibet, especially in the agricultural and pastoral areas. Five years of highway, railway and aviation line comprehensive transportation system gradually perfect, for Tibet to achieve through outreach within, into the foundation of The Belt and Road ". Wu Yingjie introduction, Tibet transportation construction and development over the past five years, the total road mileage more than 33.7% growth in 2010, basically completed covering the whole highway network, Lalin highway built 300 km Qinghai Tibet Railway extends to Shigatse, the Sichuan Tibet railway, launched early segment Lalin construction progressing smoothly. The Sichuan Tibet railway is second days after the "following the Qinghai Tibet railway". Line from Sichuan city of Chengdu Province, Lhasa City, end point. The entire operation length of 1838 km, accounting for 81% of the tunnel length of line length, construction difficulty. The Sichuan Tibet railway from Chengdu to Ya’an has been under construction by the end of 2014; Lhasa and Linzhi has started construction in June 2015. Wu Yingjie said that the next five years will continue to accelerate the construction of Tibet railway will be built, the Sichuan Tibet railway from Lhasa to Linzhi, the construction of Linzhi to Kangding; to promote the port railway construction, carry out the Yunnan Tibet railway, Yu Chang (Yushu to Changdu) railway and other preparatory work. Tibet accelerate highway construction, Gongga airport to South Zedang fast road is an important highway channel of Gongga airport to Zetang, through the "Lhasa south" core economic circle, has started construction, is an important infrastructure to promote the coordinated development of regional economy. The line length of 89.869 km, plans to be completed in March 2018. Wu Yingjie pointed out, will promote the highway from Lhasa to Linzhi, Shigatse to Shigatse airport to Lhasa, Nagqu, Zedang to Gongga, Changdu to Changdu, to the construction of Banda De, efforts to build Lhasa as the center, radiation Shigatse, Linzhi, Shannan, Nagqu 3 hour traffic circle. The next five years, Tibet county will achieve all the oil, the conditions of the towns and villages through hardened road conditions, natural village and temple road. In order to further improve the transportation of Tibet airport layout, "13th Five-Year" period, Tibet, Shigatse, planning in Shannan Ali and other places, choose the larger population density, economic society developed or construction of regional airports in border areas. Wu Yingjie said, will accelerate the area within the airport expansion project, and perfect the service function of Ali, Shigatse airport, and speed up the preparatory work for the new airport in Lhasa and Alipulan, Yamanami Takako Regional Airport, and strive to start construction as soon as possible. (end)相关的主题文章: