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Tom? Cruise exposes keen China kung fu film (Figure) – moves from Beijing director Edward Zwick?, starring Tom? Cruise live interactive in new network on 14 October, 13, the movie "man on Jack: never" held cinema will meet. Director Edward Zwick, starring Tom Krus, Curtis bi – History of moders appeared in the conference site, for the film shown in the US in October 21st campaign, with fans intimate interaction. Director Edward Zwick, starring Tom Cruise, just one appearance, immediately surrounded by cameras and applause from the audience, Tom is pointing to the background plate big screen posters make funny surprise, it instantly sparked high decibel screaming fans present. Tom Cruise himself also admitted that their love for China, "many scene turned Chinese Kung Fu brother", revealed himself in the movie show from time to time will also learn some moves. Director Edward Zwick said the film is "down to earth", he said "now many large heroes have super powers, the use of CG technology to show the love action stunts." At the same time also emphasized in both the action and emotional qualities, "I think the real combat often make people more agonistic", and once again expounded the previously mentioned in the Shanghai conference of "point of view, we can not ignore the human action of the emotion, the narrative of the film is far away from the real human nature without permanent". Look, this time in the film Jack reacher will not only bring an exciting adventure, will also usher in an emotional baptism, which makes the fans to release expected. Activities on the scene, director Edward Zwick, starring • • • Cruise have been enthusiastic fans crazy surrounded, the two also with the scene of the fans and posed for a photo of a group of close memories. As previously in the local area Chinese team has close good cooperation, the Chinese also make all feel comfortable and friendly team members, and all the stars in the film wonderful performance won the audience’s praise. Tom Cruise himself admitted that he is "preference" on Jack reacher the character, as the two degree angle so that he and the characters in the story seems to be made one. It is reported that the movie "man on Jack: never look back" has been scheduled October 21, 2016 national release, opening in sync with North america.相关的主题文章: