Transition-will It Make You Or Break You-lara fabian

Self-Improvement The Principle of Transition: From the moment anyone decides to change in any aspect of life, they must undergo a period of transition. Whatever the goal, whatever work may lie ahead, this period of transition may be the most trying period of the entire journey. Most, in fact, quit during the period of transition. They look at the bridges that must be crossed, and be.e overwhelmed before the journey has really begun. Some may think: rather go backward. At least I knew where I was before I saw this bridge. The familiar is looking inviting and warm. Others may think: I’d rather move forward, grow, stretch, and take on temporary dis.fort, than to settle for permanent mediocrity. Often, when the moments of anxiety arrive, we forget that the past did not work so well for us to begin with. That was why we sought something new. But as we face uncharted territory, anxiety beckons us to reach for the .fort of the past. Noises in our head urge us to hold on to patterns that are no longer relevant to who we are, and who we are During these moments we need to listen instead to the voices in our heart. They will help us obey the purpose in our soul. Consider this little story of the baby eagle. Mother eagle says, Fly. You can do this. You are the best at this. The baby eagle says, I am afraid. It looks too hard. Mother eagle wonders aloud, Why is it that the thrill of soaring .es with fear of falling? Like the baby eagle, we have to realize that the period of transition is our test. How passionate are we about carrying forward with our intention? How much trust do we tap into when things may seem difficult? How willing are we? When one first begins going to the gym to exercise and lift weights, for the first few days there will be a level of pain within one’s muscles. It may even be intense. Most quit during this time. This is too difficult, they say. There is too much pain. Yet if one keeps going consistently, the pain will go away before long. And eventually one realizes that it is good to feel a certain level of dis.fort and pain in their muscles. It is an indication that change is taking place, so they have learned to look at as good pain. Interestingly enough, one’s muscles must first break down before they build up stronger! The same is true during any period of transition. Therefore, enjoy the period of transition. Cooperate with it, and whatever anxieties and pains it evokes, rather than resist. Acknowledge your fear of falling, and yet hold steadily to your desire to experience the thrill of flying. Those who do so will pass through every transition more effortlessly, gaining courage to dream of newer and higher goals. About the Author: Ellie Drake, Savvy businesswoman, doctor, in-demand motivational speaker,mother and an inspiration to men and women around the globe. She maintains a demanding schedule of personal appearances as well as a series of web sites, each offering insights and products designed to help individuals achieve their personal best. Visit Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: