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Trump was elected to the Silicon Valley of silence: why do they support Hilary hell-bent? Trump in the Silicon Valley campaign triggered a serious confrontation Sina Technology Zheng Jun from the bottom of the U.S. Silicon Valley is actually Trump! By almost all the mainstream media and public opinion survey lags behind, Trump miraculously won the election, the White House, became the forty-fifth president of the United states. This is one of the most contentious elections in American history. The two presidential candidates have been caught up in the scandal, and the support rate has gone up and down again and again. Trump suffered a huge dispute avoidance and insult women speech crisis, Hilary experienced a leakage mail door and fund the impact of political donations. In the previous election prediction based on opinion polls, Hilary is considered to vote up to 268 votes, while the stability of Trump’s heartlands only 204 votes, which means remaining in the swing state of 66 votes, Hilary get two votes, will be in the White House, became the first female president of the United states. But Trump hopes to create a miracle. He not only won the majority of the Midwest Republican ticket warehouse, but also in the fierce competition in Ohio, Florida and other key swing states. More surprisingly, Trump even won the democratic change after the traditional ticket bunker in Pennsylvania and Michigan, New Hampshire, for himself to the white house covered with red carpet last. Silicon Valley is located in the San Francisco Bay area completely backward Hilary California is democratic iron Piaocang however, the Silicon Valley is also the most reluctant to see the scene, because Trump is not a public enemy for Silicon Valley. In the general election, Trump in California only got 33% of the vote, far below the Hilary’s of 61%. Even if the majority of the United States to support Trump, California is still the most stable votes in the warehouse of Hilary. From the chart you can see the election results in California, the densely populated San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley), Losangeles and Santiago, Hilary is almost overwhelming advantage. At the Silicon Valley, San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Francisco three counties, Hilary’s votes were Trump nine times, five times and four times. According to Reuters data, East Coast Financial and technology industry is the main source of funds for Hilary, Wall Street and Silicon Valley almost overwhelmingly support Hilary, to provide funding and technical support for the Democratic candidate. Trump’s supporters are mainly in the Midwest, mining, agriculture as his source of funding. According to the survey of political response center (Center for Responsive Politics) statistics, from 2015 to October this year announced the election, Hilary’s campaign team and related institutions collectively raised $687 million, while Trump’s fundraising only $250 million, also out of pocket $66 million. Although the United States has clear limits on the amount of individual donations to presidential candidates and the election commission, only $2700 and $5000; people can still support the candidate’s campaign contributions by other institutions. Lift"相关的主题文章: