Tuniu first Hainan international tourism island youth Carnival start tourism Sohu-追踪309

Tuniu first Hainan international tourism island youth Carnival start tourism Sohu in September 23rd, jointly built by tuniu joint Hainan Provincial Tourism Development Committee, Lingshui County People’s government, the Tourism Development Committee of Lingshui county and Hainan Kangtai CITS "the first session of Hainan International Tourism Island (Lingshui) youth Carnival" recruitment program was officially launched in Nanjing, the way cattle will through online and offline channels to recruit 1500 international tourists, on October 20th -23 days during the carnival in Hainan, Lingshui, by the way cattle experience exclusive custom products, opened an international tourist event. Lingshui is located in the eastern part of Hainan Island golden tourist line, here is a tropical monsoon Island climate, mild climate, adequate light, abundant rainfall, the average temperature of 24 degrees C. Lingshui has South Asia’s only tropical island nature reserve of macaque monkey island, tropical and subtropical watershed boundary Island, hanging in Luoshan national Forest Park, the first red political power in Hainan Lingshui the former Soviet government, Li Miao style coconut field and 12 kilometers, Gu Zhai is known as the "singing sand" agile Clear Water Bay etc. different style, unique tourist attractions, a famous tourist resort. For the carnival, tuniu international tourists for exclusive custom two Lingshui specialty products, not only covers the Lingshui scenic areas, especially to create thousands of "Rainbow Beach bikinis run", "large Beach Music Carnival", "beach fireworks show", "Beach Camp", "minority leisure Festival" and other large-scale activities. Lingshui "diving quest" product can also make international tourists held boundary island in the ocean quest international diving Festival, playing with the sharks. The "Hainan International Tourism Island (Lingshui) youth Carnival will be opened on October 21st, the day of the event, the way cattle in 1500 international tourists worldwide recruitment will be rushed to Lingshui, stay in a five-star hotel, or on the boundary Island diving, or visit Nanwanhoudao, overlooking the sea Ji pusai people living area. The second day carnival, 1500 international tourists will gather in the agile Clear Water Bay beach, sharing the Rainbow Run fun, and experience the original ecology of the Hainan Miao ethnic customs Li, thousands of water festival. Clear Water Bay beach will be staged at night, the world youth carnival, colored bands bring a DJ dish, beer Carnival feast. The third day carnival, international tourists will go to a tropical botanical garden, green paradise walk, taste the three major beverages in the world to bring the taste buds to stimulate. Carnival activities will be broadcast live by well-known film and television broadcast platform, the way cattle on the way "" column will be full with the film, produced exquisite video. In the recruitment plan to start the ceremony, tuniu CEO in duright said that online leisure travel way cattle is the domestic leading enterprises, has become the preferred platform of leisure vacation. Tuniu has been "tourist entrance, world-class firms for the vision, believes the way cattle will become an international platform of choice for the China friends travel. "The" Hainan International Tourism Island (Lingshui) youth Carnival "provides exclusive custom travel experience for international friends, not only shows the Hainan Island international tourism image, but also will become an important attempt to obtain tuniu international users, to enhance the competitiveness.".相关的主题文章: