Twitter shares tumbled but short sellers missed the best chance to make money super bass

Twitter shares fell short sellers but missed the best opportunity to view the latest market Sina Technology News Beijing time on October 14th morning news, many sellers just open or lighten up, Twitter fell 27%, the largest since 2013 traded 5 days of decline, causing him to have missed a great opportunity to make money. Twitter has been the target of short sellers this year, according to data from IHS Markit, the proportion of short selling has reached a record 8.8% in May. But short sellers in September 23rd began to exit or lighten up, mainly because it was reported that potential buyers interested in buying the social media company. Short positions increased from 7% in September 22nd to 3.8% in October 5th — because of the potential buyers to withdraw its bid for the outgoing message, so Twitter from that day began the largest since listing 5 decline. Short sellers are scared of the recent acquisition rumors, so missed the recent profit opportunities." IHS Markit Simon Kaulven (Simon Colvin) said. The unit is currently low-spirited, price is lower than the level before the acquisition rumors spread. Twitter shares closed at $18.05 on Wednesday after hitting a recent high of $24.87 last week. Outsiders worry that Twitter may not be able to find potential buyers because it has been difficult to sustain growth and boost revenue for years. For this reason, the stock has been suppressed. "The Wall Street journal" reported earlier this week that Salesforce is considering a bid for Twitter, Disney and Google are unlikely to bid. Open or short sellers just lighten up, Twitter plunged 27% Trade Alert data show that Twitter shares the highest amplitude over the past year in the past 30 days. The stock’s frenzied trading may also make short sellers worried. Short sellers, who had a good harvest in 2016, were less likely to be aggressive in betting. HFRI EH short index rose 3.2% in 2016, while the annualized loss in the past 5 years was $8.7%. Options trading can help us understand investor sentiment. According to BMO Capital Markets equity derivatives director Alex (Alex Kosoglyadov) data, the relative price of call options and put options have risen. He said the market sentiment that the stock will rise. The investment bank Susquehanna Financial Group derivatives strategist Christophe Jacobsen (Christopher Jacobson) said, Twitter is not a constituent of the S & P 500 index, but if included in the index, as of Wednesday’s amplitude in all the index ranked second. "Call option buyers may think the company may also attract new buyers相关的主题文章: