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Parenting While there are two clear differences between the way in which girls and boys bully; that is, direct and indirect bullying, these types of bullying and bullying activities reflect one another for both sexes. The verbal form of bullying is employed by both boy and girl bullies alike. This type of mistreatment is intended to put down and degrade the victims, cause them to be powerless to hit back, and leave them cut off and filled with self-doubt. The use of emotional bullying is subtle, worked on over a period of time and dependable in its process at making the victim feel less of a human being. Psychological bullying is used for the main part by girl bullies who tend to target straight for the emotional balance of the person they are ill-treating. Other kinds of bullying amongst boys include fighting with the fists, slapping, calling of names, sexual connotations, and slurs of a cultural or racial nature. These methods are all used by the bully to have a control over the victim, leaving them feeling frightened, maybe even terrified and often quite bitter. These types of bullying and bullying activities are often the start of the abuse encountered by the victims. Victims being attacked both physically and verbally in the school bathrooms, yards, and various other less used parts of the school grounds is a .mon occurrence. Cafeterias are an ideal place for hostility and perfect for making the victims suffer upsetting displays of cruelty. Auditoriums are notorious for sexual encounters for both boy and girl bullies. There is, however, one .mon link within these types of bullying. Whether the bully is a boy or a girl, they thrive on the fear of their victims. The bully thinks he or she looks good when showing up and emotionally destroying the victim. The status of the bully then rockets, and he or she receives the admiration and approval of their peers which makes the bully feel even more popular. Girl and boy bullies will frequently go around in groups, and it is these followers and supporters who give confidence to the bully to carry on their supremacy in terrorizing the victim. The group will never disclose the length to which a bully will go to mistreatment the victim. Standing as one, the group takes its leadership from the boy or girl bully. The pressure placed on the victim is unimaginable whether the bullying is of a spoken or emotional nature. Victims may have low self worth, be new to the area or even the country, appear shy or feeble ? and these are perfect prey for the bully. The result of this type of abuse leaves the victim in a situation of total bewilderment, frightened, not capable of .pleting school work, fearful of walking home from school, terrified to the absolute heart of their being. The boy and girl bullies who carry out these acts know just what buttons to press and press them they do. Interestingly, the Department of Education has just declared that lowering the class sizes at a cost of 13.3 millions dollars is on their agenda. Regrettably, class size is not an issue, because if bullying is not dealt with on a national level, the children will leave school and find alternative quality education. Copyright By Mandy-Jane Clarke Stop-Bullies.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: