U.S. intelligence agencies in the acquisition of Ace’s strong intervention was stopped naughty怎么读

In the acquisition of Ace’s strong intervention called Tingmei stock market center U.S. intelligence agencies: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants [observers] China acquisitions of German chip integrated equipment manufacturer Ace strong (Aixtron) blocked. For the acquisition of the withdrawal of the date of approval of the German Ministry of economy said that before, need to be revisited. According to German media reports, the acquisition of new details of the exposure, the German government acknowledged that the Ministry of economic affairs in the United States after the intelligence agencies involved in the merger of the red light. Germany’s Wall Street journal, said the German "business daily" (Handelsblatt) 26 reported on October, Chinese investors to buy the German Ace strong plan attracted the attention of the U.S. intelligence agencies. The newspaper quoted the German intelligence agency as saying that the U.S. intelligence agencies had direct contact with the German prime minister’s office, the purpose is to prevent the acquisition of. German chip equipment manufacturers Ace (Aixtron) "Daily" reported that, at a meeting of the American Embassy in Berlin on the 21 day, U.S. intelligence shows the survey results to the German side, which shows the Ace strong product can also have military use evidence (acquisition) may give Beijing for military the purpose of chip production technology. Representatives from the German Chancellor Merkel’s office, the Ministry of economic affairs, the Ministry of the interior and the Department of defense, attended the meeting, according to German intelligence sources. Subsequently, the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs announced the withdrawal of the early September of China Fujian hongsin fund on the day (Fujian Grand Chip Investment) acquisition of Ace’s strong unanimous decision. Fujian macro core fund was originally planned to acquire 65% stake in Ace, the transaction amount of about 670 million euros (equivalent to about $5 billion). A spokesman for the German Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of economy and energy, the SPD chairman Gabriel 26 in Berlin said: "I cannot reveal the types and sources of information". But in the face of foreign intelligence agencies in the assessment of the information in the process of whether it will play a role in the issue, she gave a positive answer, but declined to disclose further details. Reuters reported that the Committee on foreign investment (CFIUS) acquired from the national security perspective review in January of this year, Holland stopped the company PHILPS (Philips) to Chinese buyers to sell LDE business plan. With the increase in China’s acquisition of German companies, including Kuka, a maker of industrial robots, Germany is paying attention to the loss of technology to china". Ace was founded in 1983 by the Aachen (RWTH) semiconductor technology institute, founded in, is a specialized manufacturer of semiconductor chip manufacturing equipment manufacturers. The equipment provided by the company can manufacture advanced electronic and optoelectronic application components. The use of these components include LED applications, display technology, data storage, data transmission, energy management and transformation, communications, signal lights and lighting technology and other cutting-edge technologies. Eight相关的主题文章: