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Depression In the modern fast-paced society, economic and health troubles are everywhere. When these problems dominate our minds and daily life, they be.e stressful for you. It would not be an exaggeration to say that stress has be.e an omnipresent part of life. However, you should not look at stress as an emotional problem only. It is a type of toxin which keeps on accumulating in your body since childhood. Most of you underestimate and ignore the symptoms because you dont know how to manage stress . However, the majority of illness and injury in your body is caused by stress. Generally, you believe that stress is caused by events happening around you, but that is not true. It is actually how you react to what is happening around that is the real problem. You develop habits and patterns in the way you react to life by the time you are seven years old. These patterns are stored in the subconscious mind and remain constant throughout your life unless you be.e aware of them and do something to change them. These subconscious patterns cause you to develop certain beliefs about yourself. And these beliefs can cause various emotions, reactions and behaviors within you. You may feel under-appreciated or experience low self-esteem. Your mind may act as a harsh inner critic which keeps on chattering, causing you to lose focus from your goals. You may be stressed about because you believe that you always need to be nice, and do not express your true thoughts and feelings for fear of being rejected. However, subconscious programming in your mind is not related to the true essence of who you really are. It is like a false set of beliefs which you absorbed by the surroundings and people in your early childhood. You also inherited emotions, thoughts and beliefs from your parents and ancestors. Everything in your subconscious is not YOU! It is very stressful to live a life that is not aligned with the truth of who you are — a life defined by other people. A joyful, healthy, stress-free life is available when you express your true thoughts, feelings, and preferences. So stop living from the subconscious and develop your consciousness. This can be done by throwing out all such beliefs, thoughts and emotions which are being accumulated in your mind as toxins. You need a detoxification of your emotions. How to manage stress- emotional detox is the answer Recognizing and confronting all the toxic thoughts as internal garbage, you can open up doors to new and exciting opportunities. This is easy when you have the right guidance and consciousness tools. The subconscious mind can be accessed and changed by using a very unique type of guided meditation which will lead you to detoxify limiting, false subconscious beliefs. The guided meditations include relaxation, visualization and a particular breathing technique that is an important and powerful parts of the detoxification process. By the end of this detox program, you will feel freer and tangibly energized. Coping with depression will be far easier because you will have purified the stagnant emotional energy that leads to depression. You will be able to make your own decisions and feel confident. Live happily and purposefully as you have got this life only once!! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: