Vice president of the Hong Kong and Macao Research Association, a new book to explore the one countr headache怎么读�

National Macao Research Association vice president of "one country two systems" new experience – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, August 26 (Zhang Xiaoxi) National Macao Research Association vice president of Renmin University of China, Hong Kong and Macao Research Center Director Qi Pengfei book "" one country two systems "in Hongkong, Macao’s successful practice and historical experience of" recently published study. Practice of "one country two systems" in Hong Kong and Macao from the angle of history and reality experience. Qi Pengfei, 26, told Xinhua News Agency reporters in an interview, the book is "one country, two systems" in Hongkong, Macao, the successful practice and historical experience of the final research results. From the scientific concept of "one country two systems" and the return of Hong Kong and Macao crack governance "new subject" and "subject", since the return of Hongkong’s economic and political development trend, since the return of Macao’s economic and political development trend of four aspects, with 40 words of "one country two systems" historical experience and practical enlightenment a comprehensive and systematic review. Qi Pengfei pointed out that since the return of Hong Kong and Macao for "one country two systems" successful practice of basic experience, previous generations of central collective leadership will enhance its strategic height to effectively solve the new situation "in Hong Kong and Macao to maintain long-term prosperity and stability" and "governance task" and "important issue" governing the. He believes that the return of Hongkong for 19 years, "one country two systems" "Hongkong model" in the exploration of gradually forming, mature, Hongkong’s economic development has made remarkable achievements, explore the gradual development of democracy have made new progress; the return of Macao for 17 years, the construction of "one center" and "a platform" direction and position highlights public administration reform, the steady implementation of the national identity, popular. But in practice due to historical limitations including has some misunderstanding and deviation of actual work, is also worth seriously sum up and draw and use for reference. Qi Pengfei believes that "one country, two systems" is a new cause, which needs to be explored, enriched and developed in practice. He also stressed that the book is not only a summary of historical experience, but also to explore the practical experience. The study of Hong Kong and Macao issues must highlight the awareness of the problem, the forefront of awareness and innovation awareness, highlighting its academic exploration and practical relevance. "In the" history "on the basis of inspirational line." (end)相关的主题文章: