Video As An Effective Tool For

Advertising Over 20 million hits for Kolaveri Di on Youtube. Anna Hazare .bating the rampant issue of Corruption through social media. More and more people across the globe logging on to the online promotion bandwagon. The New Age promotion strategy has arrived and taken the world by storm and replaced the traditional methods of marketing such as .mercials for Broadcast media and corporate films. The latest breakthrough in the tech world Web Videos. The reasons why Web Videos have managed to conquer the other traditional methods of marketing are Wide Reach The videos can be uploaded and linked on to all the famous social networking sites such as Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Squidoo, Diigo, Newsvine, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Digg, and so on. This is the best way to catch the attention of the target audience who are very active on these sites. Evergreen Medium A video has always been an interesting medium which attracts the attention of people. On an average, the Youtube witnesses anywhere around 2 billion hits a day. Case in point, the recent blockbuster video Kolaveri Di thrived entirely on Youtube promotion. Rural Outreach The videos are graphic and can be understood by even uneducated people. Curiosity Factor They invoke interest and provide a smart way of convey information in a creative and unique way. Create the Need A smart video advertising convinces the customer to believe that they need to have the product which is being advertised. Visibility The videos ensure the .pany a visibility on a global platform and familiarize the customers with the .pany as a brand. Eg King Fisher promotes it beer through a unique strategy using the micro-blogging site twitter. Beat the .petition Gain an edge on your .petition by being a step ahead of them and having a video showcasing your .pany, your products and services. Interactive Promotion Strategy – The web videos invite instant customer feedbacks and help the .pany guage the general reaction of the public to their offers and strategies. The .panies can invite the customers to share their take on things. Eg Anna Hazares anti corruption campaign had a lot of people sharing the videos and voicing their opinion on facebook and twitter. Anything Anywhere Very portable, carry it on your phone, on your laptop, upload it on the net. Eg IPL launched its youtube channel this season which allowed the viewers to watch the match from anywhere as per their convenience. To the point These videos are precise and crisp and provide important nuggets of information to the people. Cost Effectiveness They are available at reasonable costs and can be reshaped and reused as per convenience and requirement. Hence the Web Videos in the modern world of marketing have be.e indispensable and have be.e the Ultimate Tools for Marketing. A properly directed and chartered video can work wonders for your .pany image. Want an attractive and catchy video showcasing your .pany >> Contact Us About the Author: 相关的主题文章: