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China visited the Wenchang spaceport (Figure) – Beijing "China Economic Weekly" reporter Xiao Yi | Hainan Wenchang photo coverage (this article published in the "Chinese Economic Weekly" in 2016 forty-third) the long march rocket number five before the first flight, reporters were allowed to follow the construction team to visit the launch site core area, the largest China quest the diameter of the rocket vertical assembly test building. China Wenchang spaceport mainly located near the dragon town of Hainan province Chinese Wenchang City, is the first Chinese Binhai launch base, is also the world for the low latitude number of field emission. As China spaceport new members, compared to Chinese space launch site in Wenchang and China’s Jiuquan, Taiyuan, the existing 3 Xichang satellite launch center, has the advantages of low latitude, shoot width, safety, transport limit and comprehensive efficiency. You can launch Long March five rockets and rocket Long March seven the launch center launch mission spacecraft is mainly responsible for the earth synchronous orbit satellite, massive polar orbiting satellites, large tonnage space station and deep space exploration satellite etc.. As a low latitude coastal launch base, Wenchang space launch site can be used not only to meet the new needs of Chinese space development, but also with the larger close to the equator line speed, centrifugal and inertial phenomenon caused by the rocket fuel consumption is greatly reduced, can solve the problems of transportation by sea giant rocket and improve the safety of the wreckage falling. Wenchang, China’s space launch site of the new appearance, will promote the comprehensive capacity of space launch to achieve a historic leap, marking a major step forward by China’s space powers to the space powers. 1 two rocket launch vertical assembly test building is the highest and the core part, the reporter allowed to visit the March five rocket vertical assembly testing facility, which is currently the largest diameter China rocket vertical assembly test building. 2 March five rocket vertical assembly test building, the door to open the door by steel, steel truss steel assembled around the five fan weighs 30 tons and the total weight of 784 tons. 3.600 to 700 ton rocket arrived after unloading level, along the track, checked in the factory lay hanging and assembly, then the rocket launcher from here slowly to 2.8 kilometers. 4 the launch tower around the "patron saint" lightning protection tower. 5 launch platform next to the large flow of water cooling and noise reduction system to the launch platform spray cooling. In the long seven rockets took off in 20 seconds, the launch station spray of 400 tons of water cooling. 6.11 month 1 days, long march five flight mission commander Hu Xudong No. 01 in the rocket launch tower for journalists on. 7 March five imminent. The launch tower height of 91.7 meters, a total of 12 floors, 850 meters away from the beach, and the long march seven rocket launch tower 630 meters away. 8 Wenchang Space City Fu, in order to commemorate the builders of the Wenchang space launch site.相关的主题文章: