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Wang Jianlin Wang Sicong Lu Yu is not about to take over as the preferred turned new Wanghong – Beijing Beijing in September 2, a new reality show style chat show "Lu Yu about big coffee day" in the southeast TV premiere last week, in the most competitive next Friday prime time. Good will battle achievement, reputation bumper and the topic, the network broadcast content up to 48 million (data). Since the launch continues, not only broke the "let China become the world standard standard", "let Disney 20 years no profit" domineering verse, Wang Jianlin program "target" is quickly detonated circle of friends, influence almost cover the whole network users. And this program, Lu Yu became a "new Wanghong" together with Wang Jianlin visit Wanda Park, Wang Jianlin is talking about the way to get along with each other between father and son in the program: brainwashing. Wang Jianlin air play poker machine Lu Yu turned "new Wanghong" this program, Lu Yu will go to Nanchang together with Wang Jianlin in the opening ceremony of Wanda park. Dressed in jeans, a pink backpack shoulder Lu Yu appeared it attracted public attention. In the broadcast, Lu Yu also broke the news of this is a Italy red brand, and called himself as "new Wanghong" must take a network brand of red packets, also called their debut live humor has become buyers show. In the course of two hours of flight, Wang Jianlin actually the whole process in the dedication to play poker. Luck seems to draw general Wang Jianlin, was in the skills on playing the evil idea". Play more three step "strategy": "opportunity to peek" and "disrupt morale," no regrets brand". Not only several times a peek at the opponent, opponents still wrong card case, no retreat, no other "regret", called "hot spot cards warm". Users can not help but sigh: "the richest man in the daily hobby with us no two!" broadcast, users should be, Wang Jianlin is shot heroic red envelopes. Lu Yu Wang Jianlin visited the small target with Wanda park is the richest man in the red network one hundred million "such a richest man in the small target" explosion, many people want to know Wang Jianlin’s small target is how to reach? Program, Wang Jianlin will visit Wanda park with the experience of Lu Yu, Wanda Wanda chairman to experience the day’s work trip to the Wang Jianlin. The hot weather did not allow Wang Jianlin and Lu Yu to slow down, such as the rapid march from morning to night, like the speed of ordinary people can not understand. This is also due to the strong physical quality of the early Wang Jianlin scouts origin. Wanda Group strict rules and strong executive power are derived from Wang Jianlin’s habit of becoming a soldier. Wang Jianlin busy and full day, people can not help but sigh: the richest man of one hundred million small goals really hard not easy. In addition to the tourism industry, in 2012, Wanda Group also acquired the United States AMC theater company, which also created a record of the Chinese commercial film zero. Wang Jianlin said: "I hope to do a movie with China Putian ying!" And ironically, as the film company boss Wang Jianlin but never broke their own movies, one year only to see a movie, or with your mother. When it comes to the way of getting along with the father and son is also to follow who listen to who, the judgment of the incident is also brainwashing each other truth..相关的主题文章: