Wawrinka said opponents after fatigue strengthen aggression, proud of yourself-pork face

Valinka said after the aggressive opponent fatigue strengthen the proud Wallin Kauwa Linka cheer sina sports news Beijing standard time on September 10th message to feel, although Valinka Xiandiu, second disc first lost his serve, but calm the Swiss people eventually top pressure, the 4-6 7-5 6-4 6-2 win. Wawrinka and Djokovic will compete for the final championship. "I have to wait, I have to fight." This is the best portrayal of the Swiss Stanislas occupation career, until the age of 28 into the occupation career first Grand Slam semi-final, the day after tomorrow he will Djokovic for the US Open champion, is the occupation career third Grand Slam final economic. Valinka defeated Djokovic in 2015 the world’s first French Open final, but he was also defeated in the 2014 Australian Open champion Nadal was the first in the world to harvest. Swiss career Grand Slam final record of 2 wins and 0 losses, in the past 10 finals, he won the final championship. The game seems to be more thorough, better the Wahlin card. In the face of the third ranked 64 in the world of the British star Evans, Stanislas saved a match point, the final five wins. But in the next 14 finals to face the former US Open champion Del Botero, 31 year old veteran behaved more like a two time grand slam champion. Nishikori is with in the US against the world’s top fifteen straight victories to the semi-finals, this is his only Grand Slam finals. In 2014 Japanese Fala Sheng into the occupation career so far the only one final, losing to eventual champion siric. No. 6 seed nishikori on Wednesday when the five set victory over Murray, second appearances at the US Open semi-finals. But with Wawrinka saved six break points in the second set, nishikori lost hope of winning. "Just to make him a little bit of trouble, he also began to have some fatigue, this time I strengthened the aggressiveness." Valinka said. Although physical fitness can not keep up, but nishikori did not give up, the third and fourth set behind a break in the case, Japanese have completed a break back. But nishikori no more energy to put pressure on opponents, although Wawrinka sent on his serve in the 15 break points, but only one in Asia which hold 4. "It really disappointed me, especially in the second set, that was the biggest mistake I ever made." Telling him. Even if the US Open and shut the ceiling, but nishikori can’t again staged reverse play. In the game against Murray, the ceiling seems to help to close the nishikori, but the key to break this time off after the victory in the Wawrinka ceiling of the second set, lay the foundation for the whole game of victory. After Valinka to his temple, let us think of the word Swiss said, "sometimes I find myself on the pitch of the comfortable state, I must struggle with myself. I am satisfied with their own, proud of their own time to do this, I did what I want today." (Yang Hongzhi)相关的主题文章: