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Home-and-Family Ibiza lies 79 km off the coast of Valencia city in Spain and is the third largest of the Balearic Islands. Despite attempts by the Ibiza tourist board to shake its hedonistic reputation, Ibiza has retained its status as a magnet for clubbers during the summer months, from celeb central EsParadis, an open air club famous for its water and foam parties, to Space, which usually opens at the beginning of the clubbing season from the afternoon through to the early hours of the morning. With club licensing laws changing, leaving party-goers with nowhere to party from 6am through to 4.30pm, more visitors to the island are choosing to stay in Ibiza villas as an alternative to staying in a hotel. This means that after a hard night hitting the dance floors of the island, clubbers can head back to their villas for some after partying, without any worries about disturbed neighbours. When it .es to villa rental Ibiza has a lot of options. As a general rule, the nearer you are to Ibiza town, the more expensive the villas are. Ibiza villas range from boutique hotel style apartments to more rustic, traditional Ibiza villas, so there is a place to suit everybody. San Rafael is a popular choice for those wishing to stay in an Ibiza villa which is closer to the centre of town but in a slightly more rural location which is cheaper than the Ibiza villas in Ibiza town. Many have access to some fantastic beaches and have beautiful countryside and sea views. Villa rental Ibiza is a great choice for those travelling to the white isle in a large group, as numerous Ibiza villas will ac.modate as many as 14 people. This makes it easier for visitors to the island to economize on their trip, as the cost can be shared out amongst the group. Most Ibiza villas are self catering as well, which means that without the need to call room service or to eat in restaurants every evening, the cost of eating and drinking is a lot less. Add the fact that self catering will give you the opportunity to get out to the markets and meet more fellow clubbers, maybe even a few locals and you have the perfect recipe for a cheaper stay all round. Ibiza villas also offer a great alternative to standard package holidays. Although hotels offer a lot of perks which make them the choice for many holiday makers, villa rental Ibiza costs less, is less restrictive in terms of when you can eat and what you can do, and offers more privacy than you would get with a large group of people sharing a single hotel room. Many Ibiza villas have a large number of separate bedrooms and a central living space, making them feel more like a home away from home, giving clubbers the ideal retreat to .e back to when the sun has .e up and its finally time for some much-needed rest. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: