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Where does the four fashion week come from? Here is a brief introduction: Spring 2017 fashion week is held like a raging fire, but our origin of four fashion week really understand? Veronika Heilbronner and Pernille Teisbaek respectively in Altuzarra and CVC Stones 2017 spring four fashion week has been to London Fashion Week, the relevant reports already overwhelming, and will continue until the eleven holiday. But how many people really know about the four year of the fashion week and the story behind it?   New York fashion week Marc 2017 Jacobs spring and summer women’s press backstage the Second World War temporarily shook Paris as a fashion capital. A large number of Europeans fled the Atlantic to escape the war on the other side of New York. With the influx of large amounts of wealth, as well as the coming from the upper reaches of the European Society of aesthetic taste and fashion lifestyle, because of the stagnation of the war and the fashion industry in New York regained its footing. In 1943, the world’s media and customers can not fly to Paris to attend the fashion conference, Eleanor Lambert, one of the founders of American Fashion Association. Based on this background, at the time of initiation to slightly stable New York named "media release week (Press Week) – this is the idea of" New York fashion week is also a prototype the history of American designers first gained worldwide media attention. At that time, even in the American version of the VOGUE layout, are a large number of dedicated to the French designer and his works, and with the creation of the New York fashion week, more and more local designer brands in the top fashion magazines. The initial creation of the New York fashion week still maintained a release form the French nobility salon style: limited seats in the show was packed with guests from all over the world, and the models in the new fashion in the guest space shuttle in between the seats. New York fashion week has not fixed exhibition venues, until 1993, American fashion association decided in the center of Manhattan’s Blaine park to build a number of white tents as fixed conference venues, and it became the main venue of New York fashion week, and continued to 2010. In September 2010, Manhattan is located near the 63 Street Center Lincoln replaced Bryant Park, now the site has become a major issue. In 1994, the American fashion association decided to follow suit that has been renamed the London Fashion Week, the original name of Fashion Week "Press Week New York" to "New York Fashion Week". As one of the most successful fashion week, New York fashion week can bring about $887 million in economic benefits to New York. In August 2015, New York began to hold men’s week alone, but New York men’s wear brand in terms of size and strength than London, Milan and Paris. London Fashion Week JW Ande.相关的主题文章: