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UnCategorized Auto scripts classifieds is generally powerful and highly customizable classified software. It is generally drafted in PHP with MySQL. Its administrator web interface is easily convenient and it is extremely attracting if someone requires a Car, boat or motor cycle classified website. It is developed in such a manner that it becomes very spontaneous and very easy to use. Auto scripts classifieds software is designed to perfection and one will definitely get a professional site with less amount of work. Its installation procedure is also quite unique which only takes around 10 to 12 minutes and one did not require any kind of extra programming skills to customize the script according to the need. Thus Auto scripts classifieds software saves a lot of time and also helps to promote the users business. With auto classified software, one can launch his own online business in no time. This may be considered as the first big step in starting an online business. Any developers main axiom is to make long-term relationship with their clients by providing value added and up graded services to the client contentment. Most often they own Research and Development Team and they designs utilities which are easily acceptable by neophyte users also. To look after all the clients existing needs, software development team designs quality software and also provides expert advice, as how to get along on those needs. The growth and diversification depends mainly on the constant search for challenges that our clients face. Small but powerful software components are the main gears of this technology. Combining this whole range of components together, a user friendly software system is created. These developers bring highly advanced technology obtainable in software engineering as to bring the right technology to the right solution. An auto ad software is developed in such a manner that it goes easily with any websites. It can be easily included for any general or functional market target. It is obvious that classifieds adds software provides value addition to website visitor. The cost of ownership is low and can easily be modified such that it provides lot of creative possibilities. Features of Auto scripts classifieds can be described in the following ways: Some common features are quick and advanced search, you can show latest listings posted on the front page, view all listings posted by a specific user, view detailed version of listings, unlimited categories to deal with, multiple pictures, accounts activation via email, password recovery, built in send mail system, bad words verification, automatically delete expired ads, including the pictures for the ads, smarty template system – site interface is written using templates, so you can easily make design modifications. Following are some User Features: Order History page, email notification for ads that expire, view expired and pending listings, browse your listings, renew expired ads, and mark listings as sold. Following are some Admin Features: Browse and manage listings, multiple payment plans – You can charge different prices based on the features of the ads. This includes the number of images, number of characters, number of days until the listing will expire, featured ad, multiple makes sets – you can add multiple makes sets, useful if you want to add for example autos and motorcycles in the same type. You can edit a different list of makes and models for each set, custom fields – you can add custom fields in addition to the ones already defined to customize your site. Even better, you can add different fields for different categories, so you can have for example different fields for autos and motorcycles categories. Options – you can add multiple options for a listing that will appear as checkboxes at the bottom of the listing. You can define multiple options sets and configure them for different categories. Pending ads – You can keep an ad inactive after posting it and manually activate an ad after checking it (useful when using check payment or free ads) customize locations and currencies, block IP, customize script appearance and many different settings, edit language file – you can make changes to language file easily from web interface, edit ads style file – you can make changes to ads style file easily from web interface. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: