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.puters-and-Technology A problem that most people suffer at least once in their lives is losing files. These files can be lost by a virus, a Hard Drive failure, or simply erased by mistake. "I remember in college I had to type a 27 page paper and the next morning it just disappeared .mented Aldo a customer of Aware Bear .puters on the issue. For most, once is enough. AwareBear .puters suggests to many of its customers (especially the ones that have home businesses) to invest into an automated backup solution to prevent future problems. "Data recovery can be extremely difficult and a very long drawn process…" .mented Arthur of Aware Bear .puters. Since AwareBear deals with these types of issues on the daily basis, so they know how important an external hard drive. "External hard drives are awesome, they save lives literally; can you imagine a project you have been working for months wiped out within seconds? What will your boss say?" Says Vincent of Aware Bear .puters. Aware Bear .puters has recovered many files for customers whom were "going crazy" because their entire lives depended on their files. "The main issue is this, many people don’t realize but we have be.e digital. In the past, all your pictures, your banking, your mail, everything depended on paper. Don’t get me wrong, going digital means less trees that are being cut down, however, it’s all being consolidated into your PC. No more records or DVDs, no more pictures on paper, no more banking statements, once your files are gone they are gone." Says Andre Leite Alves of Aware Bear .puters. Aware Bear .puters was kind enough in order to provide a few steps to follow in order to prevent the loss of files. Back up your files into an external not on DVDs or CDs People think CDs last forever but they really last for about 10 to 15 years tops Do not depend on USB to back up files they fail and break easily Do not carry your files only on your external because if it can get damaged too. Aware Bear .puters will continue to educate its customers into backing up their files and promoting the everyday .puter user to do an automatic back up. "Its so easy to set up and you only have to do it once, and it might save your job" says Arthur of AwareBear. Wayne Mac specialist of Aware Bear .puters also stresses the issue to his customers and the dangers of not having an external back up protection. "The thing is, you would not dare to leave your .puter without Anti-virus protection because you know you might lose your files, so why not spend the $100 and buy an external drive with an automated backup solution? It’s the only logical thing to do". Says Vincent of Aware Bear .puters. AwareBear also stresses that unlike anti-virus protection that you have to purchase a new license every year, the external back up is just done once. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: