Without fear of frequent accidents Tesla pushed the wheelchair 追踪309

Without fear of accidents frequently Singapore automatic driving Tesla push wheelchair Tencent digital news (compiled: Guti) according to the Singapore government department in charge of Mark Lim digital services in the capital of Innovation Labs World conference that Singapore plans to begin pilot project from the recent automatic driving wheelchair. "If you can, it’s a great thing for a wheelchair to move on its own." Lim representation. "This is of great significance not only for the patients themselves, for health care workers, automatic driving a wheelchair can bring them more liberated into more valuable and more important in medical care work, and not just to push the wheelchair." Lim revealed that he and his team are currently working with medical institutions to carry out the pilot test of this automatic driving wheelchair. The project will be completed in March 2017, will combine computer vision, robotics, robotics and cloud computing and other technologies. And this is Singapore’s new GovTech Agency project for the first time to combine digital technology and hardware technology to provide civil service test items. At the same time, in addition to the unmanned wheelchair team also in the development of "intelligent crutch", this intelligent crutch can track moving ability of the elderly or the disabled patients, and the need for GPS tracking and automatic alarm functions. In terms of digital technology, the Singapore government will achieve data sharing through a API gateway. "What we need to do is to create a real API through the government’s efforts." Lim representation. This gateway can make data link between different government departments and agencies, but also between the government and the individual data communication and exchange. "Behind this plan is not only a creative enterprise, but also the establishment of a better business model." Lim representation. He stressed that this platform is a potential: "many creative entrepreneurial companies or individual developers can use this platform, through the combination of integration of API and API of the government and enterprises, provide a seamless experience for your App." Citizens will be obtained from a single integrated service experience, and the difference is mainly from the different API gateway, Lim will be referred to as micro service". "We are moving forward very quickly and forcefully towards this kind of micro service, and provide a greater effect on the overall deployment of government websites." Innovation Labs World is a public service innovation forum organized by the Singapore government, held annually in Singapore in September 27th. Source: govinsider相关的主题文章: