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Word heavy brother! Two games a record of how magical sports Sohu – heavy     when the eyebrows brother Anthony? Davies in the October 27th season opener scored 50 points and 16 rebounds, 5 assists and 7 steals and 4 blocks, countless fans witnessed the birth of the first 50+ of the season. The opener burst cut 50+’s performance also indicates a strong return this season’s eyebrows brother. According to U.S. media calculation, if the eyebrows keep this season Copen scoring efficiency, then this season he will get 3895 points and 1354 rebounds. This series of shocking numbers seemed to leave us very far away, but if I can continue this eyebrows brother two games of the super state, perhaps at the end of the season when we really see this miraculous birth number. In yesterday’s game against the Jinzhou warriors, despite losing the game, but his brother got excellent data of 45 points and 17 rebounds. It was not easy to score 45 points in the game, because Raymond was the one who defended him, Green, who scored 26 points in front of Green. You know, in the last season, there is no one player in front of Green scored more than 17 points. His brother also with two games excellent data has become history in seventh consecutive games have scored 45 points and 15 rebounds per game player. With the same eyebrows brother to create this amazing data there is Chamberlain, Charles? Wade? Barkley, Beller and so on Elgin?. At the same time, the eyebrows brother in this season opener created a record in the past 50 years NBA in the game, he became Jordan after another in the first two games of the season scored 90 points + athlete.相关的主题文章: