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Web-Development WordPress started out as a free blogging platform. In fact, it started the online blogging revolution. Over time, it has grown to be.e one of the best blogging platforms in the world. At the same time, it has evolved as an open source tool for web development and customization. WordPress web development is a big thing right now. A number of developers and designers around the world love this platform and insist on building websites using WordPress. Lets take a look at a few things that make WordPress such a popular CMS and web development platform. 1. Easy as Pie Using WordPress is not as easy as making a pie: it is as easy as eating one. Not only is it easy for designers and developers to create a website using WordPress, but it is also extremely easy for the users to manage it. With the right kind of developers and designers, a simple WordPress site can be up and running within days. Customizing WordPress to meet the particular need of your business is also easy. The WordPress back-end is especially created to meet the needs of average users. So, anyone with basic knowledge of Internet and .puter can use and manage the site. 2. Big Savings WordPress is either free or at least a lot cheaper than other options. With WordPress web development, designers and developers can use several building blocks to make a website. They do not have to build the website from scratch. The basic WordPress application doesnt cost a dime, and there are several add-ons and plug-ins that you can get for free. Thus, a web designer or a web developer can build a fully functional and features rich website using free tools and technologies. 3. Organized .munity WordPress has a large and well-organized .munity of developers and designers. So, it is not difficult to find freelance developers and programmers for WordPress. Also, these people create a number of themes and plug-ins for WordPress. The presence of a large and vibrant .munity of volunteer developers is what nourishes an open source technology. The huge WordPress .munity is a guarantee that WordPress will be around for a long time. 4. No Problem if Business Expands One of the biggest reasons why people love WordPress web development is the almost unlimited scalability offered by this open source framework. If your business expands and you need a website with more functionalities and facilities, WordPress is an excellent option. A reputed WordPress development .pany can help you avail on-the-fly reconfiguration capabilities, better health check mechanisms, and help you handle unexpected load of requests. 5. Yells out to Search Engines The very core of WordPress is designed to attract and entice search engines. No website, no matter how good it is, can add value to your business if it is not visible to the right kind of users. For getting the attention of the right kind of users, you need to optimize your website to meet the whims and requirements of different search engines. The simple code behind WordPress makes it easier for search engines to index your site, and the WordPress backend offers you a simple and easy way of optimizing your content and URLs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: