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British media: Chinese said there had been 13 flight related corruption fugitives arrested British Reuters – Sohu News reported on September 6th, the original title: Chinese said there had been 13 flight related corruption fugitives arrested the Communist Party’s top anti-corruption Department said Tuesday, at present had fled abroad and are included in the China 100 red pass personnel "list of suspects involved in corruption, existing 13 arrested. In 2014, China issued a list of 100 people who were listed on Interpol’s red warrant, the warrant is the closest to the international arrest warrant. The Commission said in a brief statement, then 33 people have been arrested. The statement said that since the establishment of the central China anti-corruption Coordination Group Office of the international pursuit of stolen goods for two years, the agency has from more than 70 countries and regions to recover the flight personnel 1915 people, the amount of about 7000000000 yuan stolen goods. Since nearly 4 years ago to carry out the fight against deep corruption, China has been working to strengthen international cooperation in order to pursue corruption officials involved. But some western countries do not want to lend a helping hand to China or sign extradition suspects agreement, does not intend to return to China suspects. Chinese have turned to take measures to persuade, persuade the relevant personnel from many suspects involved in corruption as the main flight destination Canada to return. The Commission also issued a statement saying, successfully held the summit in the city of Hangzhou China days before the group of twenty (G20) leaders unanimously approved by the group of twenty "anti-corruption", the pursuit ZhuiZang advanced principle established in China G20 anti-corruption pursuit ZhuiZang research center. The summit communique said the center will run in line with international norms. Commission for Discipline Inspection, said the research center will provide support for China to participate in the formulation of international anti-corruption rules. (Ben Ben Blanchard, translated by Ding Yuqing)相关的主题文章: