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Wuhan Zhongshan Avenue will be built "ten green corridor" trees increased 4 times two tall old trees stand in Wuhan art museum. Reporter Miao Jian photo reporter correspondent Zhao Xuan yesterday, the reporter learned from the municipal gardens and Forestry Bureau, Zhongshan Avenue, a comprehensive renovation project has entered the final stage of the construction of green. At present, one Yuan Bao Hua Road to the street greening construction started, after the completion of the project, a total length of 4.7 km in the Zhongshan Avenue Road reconstruction will new species of 911 strains of large trees, with the transformation of the former retained the original trees, the number of Zhongshan Avenue street after street will be re opened to more than 4 times before. Comprehensive renovation project of Zhongshan landscape Avenue, West wusheng Road, Dongzhi Yuan Road, a total length of 4.7 km. The plan will be divided into three parts: modern simplicity, old and new blend, classical literature and art. Green landscape plan put forward the concept of "three points and more" landscape. "Area" that is, in the 4.7 km of the streets planted thousands of trees. A road to the green construction Yuan Bao Hua Street have admitted, Bao Hua Street to wusheng road due to need to cooperate with the subway construction, the suspension starts. According to the plan, Zhongshan Avenue reconstruction section across the board will be divided into eastern, central and western three species of trees in 911 strains, the western part of the subway construction plan for section 445 strains, 466 strains of middle east. The road to Jianghan Road Street 310 yuan strains, 204 strains have been planted. 230 points across the board, more than 70% have been completed. In the landscape design of the new road 4.7 kilometers emphasize "continuous street green interface", as the old city city proud of the "ten green corridor"; three different styles of sections, to emphasize the "street style of unity in diversity and overall harmony" thought, put forward the "urban green corridor" and "the people of heaven" and "neighborhoods" target, by further strengthening node characteristics, let the street "storytelling", let the tree build space for outdoor activities. Comprehensive renovation project of Zhongshan Avenue will be completed in December 28th this year when the people in the open street, 4.7 km of new Zhongshan Avenue will enjoy modern and classical style "Ten Mile corridor". The two engineering construction scheme to two old trees yesterday morning, reporters at the Wuhan Art Museum on the square, saw dozens of workers are busy laying marble tiles, the entire square contour has been basically formed, two rows of newly transplanted ginkgo tree is "V" shaped focus to Zhongshan Road, the middle is the leisure lawn area is the construction of the. But the square plane old two strains did not rule to stand in the ginkgo tree lines, the overall layout of the square symmetry breaking. Liu Kaimin engineering design, architectural planning and Design Institute of planning branch director explained that two Indus to preserve the species, age of 80 years and 50 years respectively. It was found that two strains were not good pre Indus health survey, if the trees processing is removable maintenance method. So at the beginning of the design does not have these two trees, the square into a symmetrical figure. But taking into account the big trees on the Zhongshan Avenue is not much, these two trees are known to the public, "the star tree". Design side shun from the public opinion, please expert investigation and study of garden trees, decided to retain 50 years.相关的主题文章: