Yellow Wonder

Saffron is relatively very popular if .pared with other varieties of spice, it is not because of its appearance that is misty yellow but, it is due to its unique qualities. These unique qualities are one of the several reasons reasoning its high demand and much higher price. Other than the cost and quality, saffron is never the less easy to obtain as it takes around 150,000 flowers of saffron to extract an approximate of 35 ounces of best quality saffron . The scientific name of the flower from which saffron is extracted is Crocus Sativus and the flower is very small so it takes quality labor to extract saffron from it. One of the most interesting facts related to the production of saffron is that till date Iran is the only nation that has the largest cultivation of this rare spice. Such is the mass cultivation that it alone is capable of catering to the total 85 percent demand of the world all together. As per the studies, saffron is said to be first of its kind that was utilized even in the ancient times for more than one purpose. Other than Iran, the European countries claim themselves to be the first ever users who utilized saffron powder in their native cuisines. However, in some part of the Asian sub continents saffron is an integral element used in conducting religious ceremonies. A person who is planning to buy saffron should always be careful while judging the saffron quality prior to the purchase. It is due to the rareness and demand of the spice there have been reports of adulteration in saffron imported from outer regions of Iran. It is very easy for a dealer or middle men to fool the customer of the quality because it is never easy to judge the saffron quality by its appearance. Being yellow or orange in color is never a parameter of judging saffron quality. The quality of the herb can be adjusted by adding materials in them that may be similar in color or appearance an even taste. The best way of judging the quality of the saffron can be through its unique aroma, which is unique. Other than the aroma a quality saffron product will have a yellowish appearance in .bination with orange color. Keeping in mind certain simple things can help you in staying safe and smart from current market ill-practices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: