Yi moving Guangdong 2016 public foot team team is expected to start thousands of teams participating 音羽かなで

"Yi Guangdong" 2016 public hiking team match is expected to start thousands of teams from – Beijing, Beijing, September 23 Guangzhou Xinhua (reporter Cheng Jingwei) outdoor public events — "Yi Guangdong" 2016 public hiking team match ceremony in Guangzhou on 23 is the art space for Fuzhou, officially launched the competition the work is expected to have 1000 teams, a total of 4000 people participated. By the Guangdong provincial rianhe community community foundation and the Guangdong Provincial Youth Development Foundation jointly organized the "Freeco Guangdong charity hiking team tournament has been held for five years, is the city public events in Southern China has influence on foot, after the cumulative number of participants reached 10388 people, raised money to support more than 3 million 420 thousand yuan, 91 a community public welfare project. 2016 public hiking event will be held on November 26th in Guangzhou longan Forest Park, this year conducted a series of events and brand upgrades, optimize the experience and expand the competition capacity. The public will be the 4 team, of which at least a specific "team form, natural mountain path through Guangzhou Beijiao, with the power of public participation in sports and hiking. Event set benefit line group, challenge group, professional group and parent-child group, the distance is 10 km, 22 km, 36 km and 5 km. The new parent-child group pay more attention to interesting and interactive, suitable for children over 6 years old family challenges. Liu Xiaogang, chairman of the Guangdong Provincial Association of community welfare foundation, said, beneficial move Guangdong public foot is not only a platform for public participation and dissemination of public welfare, but also a public welfare organization for the public fundraising platform." It is understood that the current public concern about poverty and community development on foot, there are 18 community public projects have been settled in the United States to persuade the platform; the addition of a number of places of 100 charity team, called on more entrepreneurs to participate in public welfare. Guangdong Provincial Communist Youth League Committee, green agricultural minister Huang Ruizhen said, the public on foot with the national "green long march" charity walking activities echoes, hoping to convey feelings and the concept of environmental health to go out, let more people participate in the charity become a way of life. (end)相关的主题文章: