You are the red in the autumn gongtan Millennium – Sohu – tourism is the peach girl

Peach girl is you in the autumn the red gongtan Millennium – – Sohu tourism like 15 white beautiful jasmine flowers, blooming in the Wujiang sea, the Millennium gongtan town. In late autumn, gongtan, because of their arrival, the youth of color, in the Tujia Diaojiao building, full of charm red face. Gongtan, the Yilan Yuan Wang Tujia women, in October 29th the youth beautiful night, in the depths of the mountains beautiful jade stone street, with thousands of years of hope and love, singing her melodious long song. 15 full of youthful charm of endless peach girl, they are from the main city of Chongqing Chengdu, Guizhou Sichuan and the distance of Guiyang from these metropolis, is full of books and knowledge of the ivory tower, came from more than 40 colleges and universities of Chongqing University, Southwest Petroleum University, Guizhou Normal University and other ten thousand players, with wisdom and beauty, youth and sunshine. Calm and confident and colorful smile came to this gongtan, called "the 2016 Youyang the Peach Garden · gongtan town College of the second national tourism Carnival Festival Peach Girl selection finals" on the stage show, college students in the new period of hard study, innovation, self-reliance, optimistic, dare to challenge the spirit, with the world’s best music, beautiful melody, graceful dance, flying youth, they are very young to interpret the charm and charming Elegant demeanor. One contestant is Tan Haiyan from the Chongqing University, she had participated in the Jiangsu satellite TV "future gold microphone", Henan satellite TV, "looking for new anchor" and Hunan satellite TV "refueling beauty girl" selection and recording. Won the 2015 "Miss Tourism International" best image award, 2016 "refinement model contest", "super 2016 runner up Miss Chongqing contest second awards. She brought the "taste of Chongqing", Chongqing depicts the evolving picture of people surge high and sweep forward. No. two player is from the Chongqing Institute of Humanities Science and technology Wu Xiaotong, who participated in Hunan TV "- the first grade university season" program recording, born in Youyang, long in Youyang Tujia girl, for at this stage, in the field of the Peach Girl finals, beautiful hometown, for the style of the the Peach Garden for years, exudes a thick of mellow Millennium gongtan town endorsement. No. three player from Sichuan Zhou Lu of the Southwest Petroleum University, whimsical her love to sing, dance, love to have adapted songs, "Dandelion" heart "Sheng" two original songs, also won the first prize of the National Flute contest. From Guizhou Normal University in talent shows itself contestant No. four player from Guizhou Anlong Miao girl Liu Chang, she has won 2015 China Phoenix Miao silver Cultural Festival "the most beautiful Miao girl" title, she came here today, not only for myself, who also carries a native Miao compatriots hope. No. five player is now studying at Sichuan Conservatory Of Music. The Abbey general merchandise, from the Liangshan Yi girl, pretty smart. She grew up in the mountains, honest and kind-hearted, generous and beautiful, has always been the most beautiful flowers in the mountains. She said that she would use to Liangshan Teana here to shine, with her passion to light the world…相关的主题文章: